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Austin REI Group represents clients that would like to maximize their investment portfolio or take that first step towards financial independence by leveraging the growth potential of investing in income producing properties in the Greater Austin Area. His keen analytical skills and business background make him a natural fit for guiding investors through the process of finding and acquiring investment properties. 

Neil (Owner and Founder) got his start in Real Estate over 15 years ago having house hacked his first property and has been investing in real estate ever since. He has extended both his portfolio and his knowledge in the field by constantly seeking out investment and education opportunities related to residential investing. He also completed his MBA in Business Administration and Technology Management with Honors. Being a Strategic Planner in the High-Tech arena for over a decade has honed his strategic thinking and business acumen allowing him to expertly analyze a property as an investment. The natural evolution for Neil was to create a business that would allow others to also build a solid real estate investment portfolio and hence the birth of Austin REI Group.

In short, Neil’s vision is to help others by Opening Doors to their financial freedom so they in turn can rise and lift others in life.    

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.” ~ Disraeli

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Austin REI Group

Neil Narayan | TREC# 691279 Mobile: 512-436-0649

13276 Research Blvd, Suite 107 Austin, TX 78750

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